How to convert STLINK-V3MODS into STLINK-V3MINI

STLINK_V3 adapter with TagConnect cable

In the previous post we have described how we program our embedded designs using a TagConnect cable using the STLINK-V3SET programmer. We have received a request to do the same for the much less expensive STLIN-V3MODS programmer board.

STLINK-V3MODS programmer board is a simplified board of its more complete cousin STLINK-V3MINI. Confused? Here is a list:

  • STLINK-V3SET is a full featured programmer in a plastic enclosure (our adapter plugs directly)
  • STLINK-V3MINI is a small PCB board, no enclosure, has STDC14 1.27mm pitch connector soldered (our adapter plugs directly)
  • STLINK-V3MODS is the simplified V3MINI, has no connector – needs modification

It is the last one on the list we were asked to convert into the second one on the list. We used a Connfly connector part number DS1065-05-2*7S8BS, but one can use more expensive Samtec or other connectors.

STLINK_V3 adapter kit

At first, after soldering the connector to the STLINK-V3MODS board and connecting it to our target board, it did not work… We have noticed, that the are empty footprints for 0 Ohm resistors on the programmer bottom side around the soldered connector:

STLINK_V3 adapter complete

They must be shorted with 0 Ohm 0402 resistors. You could solder all of them, but we measured the connections and learned that for our purpose we need to solder only four of them:

STLINK_V3 jumpers

We did not bother with the small 0402 parts and simply used a piece of thin wire. And that’s all folks!