About Us

Continuing the 100-years old tradition, we pledge to serve the public with better electronic devices created to ease your life, tease your aesthetic senses and last a long time, thus also serving Nature.

We not only create finished goods, we also educate and provide to those, who are walking in the same footsteps (ciao to all engineering buddies) and to those, who are Makers.

We want to share our work as we go along. If you follow us, you will discover many interesting project we were asked to do in the near future. They will be about growing food, cooking, romantic lighting and modern energy usage in new houses and workplaces.

Our most current project to be released in Spring of 2021 targets everyone wishing to grow healthy food indoors with our automatic TESLA Microgreens Stand. It can be placed in the office, your family or restaurant kitchen, or use several of them to run your restaurant delivery business.